A Prospective Study of Surgical Management of Bimalleolar Fractures with Various Modalities

Vol 4 | Issue 2 | Sept-Dec 2018 | page: 2-5 | Nandkishor B. Goyal, Sayyadshadab S. Jafri, Ashish Vinayak Patil, Aashish Babanrao Ghodke.

doi- 10.13107/ti.2018.v04i02.067

Author: Nandkishor B. Goyal [1], Sayyadshadab S. Jafri [1], Ashish Vinayak Patil [1], Aashish Babanrao Ghodke [1].

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, ACPMMC Dhule.

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Dr. Nandkishor B. Goyal,
Dr. Goyal Hospital, near Yellammuden Temple, Malegao, Dhule 424001.
Email: nandkishor596@gmail.com Dr. Nandkishor B.


Ankle injuries should not be neglected because body weight is transmitted through it and locomotion depends on the stability of this joint. For this, we are conducting a prospective study of surgical management of bimalleolar fractures with various modalities. In our study, we surgically managed 36 patients and their functional assessment was done with Biard-Jackson scoring system. Excellent functional results are obtained with stable fixation of fractures. Tension band wiring was found to be better in internal fixation of medial malleolus as compared to screws fixation whereas lateral plating was best for fibular fractures. It was found that our results were coinciding with the literature.

Keywords: Biard-Jackson scoring, bimalleolar fractures, lateral plating, screw fixation, tension band wiring.


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