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Dr. Ashok K Shyam

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Original Articles

Comparative study of operative treatment of distal femur fractures using retrograde intramedullary nail versus locking plate; Retrospective study

Dr. RavirajShinde, Dr. Tanvi Shinde, Dr. AjitShinde

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A Study about the Relationship between Vitamin D Level and Hip Fractures

Dr. Albert Naveen Anthony, Dr. Joe Joseph Cherian, Dr. M J Saji

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The New Age of Trauma Resuscitation – Introducing Tranexamic Acid in an Accident & Emergency Department in Karachi Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Muzzammil, Dr. Muhammad SaeedMinhas, Dr. Jahanzeb Effendi, Dr. Syed Jahanzeb, Dr. Muhammad Ovais, Dr. Azeem Jamil, Dr. Ayesha Mughal, Dr. Abdul Qadir

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Chronic osteomyelitis in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Long-term health consequences of warfare

Dr. Katherine O. Ryken, Dr. Semin Becirbegovic, Dr. Ismet Gavrankopetanovic, Dr. J Lawrence Marsh, Dr. Marin Schweizer

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Cannulated Cancellous Screw and Ender’s Nail Fixation in Stable Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture in Elderly Patient With Co-Morbid Condition

Dr. Rohan R Memon, Dr. Drashtant Patel

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 A Comparative Study of Conservative and Surgical Management of Displaced Midshaft Clavicle Fracture

Dr. Niraj Ranjan, Dr. Arvind Agarwal, Dr. Atul Garg

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Case Report

Complicated Tibial Plateau Fractures In Young Patients: Functional Outcome With Dual Plating Via two Incision Technique

Dr. Abdul Qadir, Dr. Muhammad Muzzammil, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Lakho, Dr. Maratib Ali

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