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Adult Traumatic Eight Days Old Anterior Dislocation of the Hip with Ipsilateral Fracture Upper Third Shaft Femur: An Atypical Case Report

Vol 7 | Issue 2 | July-December 2021 | page: 15-17 | Brijesh Sharma, Yajuvendra Kumar Sharma, Rohit Yadav, Chandra Prakash Pal


Author: Brijesh Sharma [1], Yajuvendra Kumar Sharma [1], Rohit Yadav [1], Chandra Prakash Pal [1]

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Chandra Prakash Pal,
Professor and Head, Department of Orthopaedics, Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.
E-mail: drcportho@gmail.com


Introduction: Anterior or posterior dislocation of hip are usually associated with fracture head of femur but dislocations associated with femoral neck, trochanter and shaft are very rare and among this anterior dislocation of hip with ipsilateral fracture of shaft femur is an extremely rare injury. We reported a case of anterior dislocation of hip associated with ipsilateral fracture shaft femur upper third in adult male.
Case presentation: A 25 yrs male, low socioeconomic status was brought to our emergency department was conscious but unable to mobilize his right lower limb and external rotation deformity was present with some shortening. No neurovascular compromise and was found fracture shaft femur along with anterior dislocation of right hip on x-ray and treated by close reduction of femoral head and internal fixation of fracture shaft femur by intramedullary nail.
Conclusion: Early diagnosis of hip dislocation is essential to prevent avascular necrosis of femur head in future. We concluded that there is no need of open reduction for anterior hip dislocation in every such case. Close reduction of anterior dislocation of hip followed by femur interlocking for femoral shaft fracture is good option for management for such type of injuries.
Keywords: Hip dislocation, Close reduction, Avascular necrosis, Fracture dislocation


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How to Cite this article: Sharma B, Sharma YK, Yadav R, Pal CP | Adult Traumatic Eight Days Old Anterior Dislocation of the Hip with Ipsilateral Fracture Upper Third Shaft Femur: An Atypical Case Report | July-December 2021; 7(2): 15-17.


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The Management of the Displaced Fracture Neck Femur by Dynamic Compression Hip Screw with Derotation Screw

Vol 4 | Issue 1 | May – Aug 2018 | page: 29-33 | Wasudeo mahadeo Gadegone, Bhaskaran Shivashankar, Rajendra Chandak, Piyush Gadegone.


Author: Wasudeo mahadeo Gadegone [1], Bhaskaran Shivashankar [2], Rajendra Chandak [3], Piyush Gadegone [4].

[1] GMC Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India.
[2] Iyer Orthopaedic Hospital, Solapur, India
[3] Chandak Nursing Home Nagpur Maharashtra India.
[4] Sion Hospital, Mumbai, India

Address of Correspondence
Dr. W.M. Gadegone,
Vivek Nagar Mul-Road Chandrapur 442402, Maharashtra, India.
Email: gadegone123@yahoo.co.in


Introduction: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the outcomes of displaced intracapsuar fracture neck femur managed by dynamic hip screw (DHS) with derotation screw treated within ten days of injury in patients younger than 60 years.
Materials and methods: This was a prospective study, carried out between December 2010 to December 2016. A total of 42 patients younger than 60 yrs of age with displaced intracapsular fracture neck femur (Garden III and IV, Pauwels III, with the comminution) presenting to the hospital within 2-10 days were included in the study. Data analysis and statistical analysis was done by using SPSS using appropriate tests.
Results: There were 27 males and 15 females, age ranging from 21 to 60 years (mean42.4±10.2 years). There were twenty seven Garden III while fifteen fractures were Garden IV. In forty fractures (95.2 %) average time to union was 3.7 months [3-5 months]. Radiographic evidence of avascular necrosis was seen in four cases(9.5%) and two patients(4.7%) developed non-union of the fracture .There were no cut-outs and breakage of implant .Two patients developed isolated coxa vara ( 120-124°) with backing of screws. Mean shortening of the injured limb was 2 -4 mm in twenty four patients without any functional impairment. Functional results were evaluated by Harris Hip Score. Excellent results were achieved in thirty four (81%), good/fair in six (14.2%) and poor in two (4.8%)patients.
Conclusion: Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) with derotation screw is a good implant for the fixation of the displaced fracture neck femur with excellent to good radiological and functional outcome.
Keywords: Fracture neck femur, transcervical/ subcapital fracture, cannulated cancellous screw, dynamic hip screw, avascular necrosis, nonunion.


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How to Cite this article:  Gadegone WM, Shivashankar B, Chandak R, Gadegone P. The Management of the Displaced Fracture Neck Femur by Dynamic Compression Hip Screw with Derotation Screw. Trauma International JMay-Aug 2018;4(1):29-33.


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