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Volume 7 | Issue 2 | July-December 2021

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Original Articles

Comparison of Functional Outcome Between Trans– 2nd Metacarpal Fixation and Trans-Trapezius Fixation with K-Wire for Bennett Fracture

Vishal V. Navale, Manasee Gulati       [01-03]

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Radiological Assessment and Functional Outcomes of Hand and Wrist in Patients with Distal End Radius Fractures

Yogesh Pethapara, Vishwajeet Singh, Ronak Patel   [04-08]

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DOI- 10.13107/ti.2021.v07i02.016


Case Reports

Volar Radiocarpal Subluxation an Unusual Complication Following Distal Radius Fracture Fixation with Locking Plate- A Case Report

Chirag Thonse, Darshan Kumar A. Jain, Akshay S Dudhanale, Anant Chaugule, Madihah Faisal            [09-11]

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DOI- 10.13107/ti.2021.v07i02.017


Sideswipe Injury to the Leg – A Hefty Price for an Autorickshaw Ride: A Case Report

Devender Kasotya, Nishant Bhatia, Rajeev Yadav, Dhananjay Sabat    [12-14]

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DOI- 10.13107/ti.2021.v07i02.018


Adult Traumatic Eight Days Old Anterior Dislocation of the Hip with Ipsilateral Fracture Upper Third Shaft Femur: An Atypical Case Report

Brijesh Sharma, Yajuvendra Kumar Sharma, Rohit Yadav, Chandra Prakash Pal                 [15-17]

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DOI- 10.13107/ti.2021.v07i02.019


Case Series

Management of Pauwels Type 3 Femur Neck Fracture by Open Reduction Internal Fixation with DHS System and Intertrochanteric Valgus Osteotomy: A Case Series

Neetin P. Mahajan, Pranay P. Kondewar, Lalkar Gadod, Akshay K. S                [18-21]

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DOI- 10.13107/ti.2021.v07i02.020

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