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Volume 2 | Issue 2 | May – Aug 2016

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Academics and Orthopaedic Trauma

Dr. Sunil Kulkarni, Dr. Ashok Shyam

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Symposium on Pelviacetabular Fracture

Dr. Harish Makker

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Classification of Pelvis and Aetabulum Injuries

Dr Sameer Aggarwal, Dr. Vikas Bachhal

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Understanding Clinical Radiology of Fracture Acetabulum

Dr U K Sadhoo

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History of Pelvi-Acetabular Fracture Treatment

Dr A.S. Prasad, Dr. Rahul Rishi

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Management of Acetabulum Fractures – Basic Principles and Tips and Tricks

Dr Atul Patil, Dr. Ashok Shyam, Dr. Parag K Sancheti

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Emergency Management of Pelvic Fractures

Dr Nadeem Akhtar Faruqui

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Original Articles

Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Dislocation:  Boytchev Treatment

Dr. Otman Benabdallah, Dr. Ahmed Khamlichi

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Road Traffic Accidents :Age and Gender distribution and impact of Religious Month and Holidays (Ramadan and Eid) on frequency of RTAs in Karachi Pakistan

Dr. Ranjeet Kumar, Dr. Muhammad Muzzammil, Dr. Muhammed Saeed Minhas, Dr. Anisuddin Bhatti,
Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Syed Jahanzeb

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A Unique Modality for treating Open Supracondylar fracture Femur with Bone Loss. (Gustillo Anderson – 3B)

Dr. Yashwant J. Mahale, Dr. Vikram V. Kadu

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Technical Notes


Fixation of Inter-condylar Eminence fragment in Bi-condylar Tibial plateau fracture – Technical note

Dr RM Chandak

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The Screw Intra-medullary Elastic Nail Fixation in fresh Displaced Mid Shaft Clavicle Fractures – Technical note

Dr Wasudeo Gadegone, Dr Vijayanad Lokhande, Dr Yogesh Salphale

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Biomechanics of Cancellous Screw

Dr Anand J. Thakur

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