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Dr. Ashok K Shyam


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Original Articles

A Prospective Study of Surgical Management of Bimalleolar Fractures with Various Modalities

Dr. Nandkishor B. Goyal, Dr. Sayyadshadab S. Jafri, Dr. Ashish Vinayak Patil, Dr. Aashish Babanrao Ghodke


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Triage in Mass Casualty Incidents: Our Preparedness and Response – A Cross-sectional Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Qasim Ali, Dr. Muhammad Muzzammil, Dr. Zehra Batool, Dr. Muhammad Saeed Minhas


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A Rare Case Report of Lateral Elbow Dislocation without a Major Fracture, Complicated by the Presence of an Ipsilateral Supracondylar Process

Dr. Vrettakos Aristeidis, Dr. Vampertzis Themistoklis, Dr. Dimitriadis Anastasios, Dr. Vavilis Theofanis, Dr. Antonoglou Georgios, Dr. Papastergiou Stergios


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Rashless and Bilateral Symmetrical Lower Limb Gangrene in a Patient with Meningococcal Meningitis

Dr. Ajiboye Lo, Dr. Oboirien M, Dr. Galadima AB


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A Rare and Atypical Case Report of Combined Rupture of Patellar Tendon, Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Medial Collateral ligament, and Lateral Meniscus Managed Operatively

Dr. Naveen Mittal, Dr. Robin Bohat, Dr. Ankush Jindal, Dr. Akash Singhal


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Outcomes of Proximal Femoral Nail in Subtrochanteric Femur Fractures Through Medial Entry

Dr. Rohan R Memon, Dr. Neel M Bhavsar, Dr. Rameez A Musa, Dr. Pankaj R Patel


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Case Report

Open bilateral tibial shaft fracture: Case Report

Dr. Marta Santos Silva, Dr. Tiago Barbosa, Dr. Ana Ribau, Dr. José Muras


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