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Volume 5 | Issue 2 | May-Dec 2019 |

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Journey Ahead

Dr. Ashok K Shyam

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Case Report

A Case Series of Occult Femoral Neck Fracture, Why Plain Radiograph is not Enough?

Dr. John Butarbutar, Dr. Rio Aditya, Dr. Prettysia Suvarly, Dr. Nyoman Aditya Sindunata

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Bilateral Uncemented Hemiarthroplasty in a Patient with Bilateral Lower limb PPRP with Right Knee Arthrodesis: Surgical Difficulties and Techniques

Dr. Bipul Kumar Garg, Dr. Harshit Dave, Dr. Dhiraj V. Sonawane, Dr. Om Parshuram Patil

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Spontaneous Iliopsoas Hematoma After Total Hip Arthroplasty In A Patient On Rivaroxaban: A rare case report

Dr. Danai Grammatikopoulou, Dr. Themistoklis Vampertzis, Dr. Eirini Iosifidou, Dr. Christina Barmpagianni, Dr. Eleni Melikidou, Dr. Fotios Girtovitis, Dr. Stergios Papastergiou

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Bilateral femoral neck fracture in pregnancy- outcome of conservative versus operative treatment: A case report

Dr. Hemjit Das, Dr. Shyam Sunder. S

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Review Articles

Galeazzi fracture associated with an ipsilateral fracture of ulna diaphysis and olecrane. A rare lesional association. About a case and review of literature

Dr. Akloa Komlavi Ehlissou Kolima, Dr. Bakriga Batarabadja, Dr. Kombate Noufanangue Kanfitine, Dr. Ayouba Gamal, Dr. Akpoto Menssavi Yaovi, Dr. Dellanh Yaovi Yannick, Dr. Towoezim Tchaa Hodabalo, Dr. Abalo Anani Grégoirei

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